Intruder Systems

We offer a very broad range of Intruder Systems -

Enforcer V10 from Pyronix is the latest go to wireless alarm system. a very reliable system with a user based APP*,

allowing you to control the system remotely, from anywhere in the world. With the power to unset/set the system, receive customised push notifications straight to your smart device and integrate CCTV into the same APP, Its no surprise is the our best selling system. 

This system works via your WiFi or can be used directly through your landline. 

Other wireless systems are also available.

Not only we do install the best wireless systems, we also specialise and install wired systems, to suit any type of property, from your home to your business. From ungraded to grade 3 systems. 

We offer solutions for any needs, from movement PIR's that are pet friendly, shock detectors for vulnerable windows/frames, contacts for doors, smoke alarms, CO2 alarms and medical buttons to ensure the safety and well-being of all customers. 

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