Medical Buttons (24/7) 

Medical buttons available, in different forms, shapes and sizes.

We offer a range of buttons, from medical pendants to wear around your neck, to have neatly tucked away while doing your everyday tasks in and around your home. These buttons will work around your garden too!

Fixed buttons are also available, and can be installed in any location in and around your property. Whether that is fixed next to your bed, front door, or any other location, it will always be at hand in case of an emergency.

Once you press the emergency button, this system can either contact a choice of people you know, family members, friends or even neighbours. 

Or, have the choice for it to contact the ambulance service for you. 

No matter what, these buttons can help save lives and protect you and your family members. 

Please don't hesitate to enquire for more information, even if you have a family member or friend in mind that would benefit from this service.

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